Jade Plants for Sale


Selling one branch or two branches of the jade plant. Please view the photos. See the RED marker, that where it is going to be cut.
The size is :
trunk size: 1/4 inches
length: 10-13 inches
Have 3 bushes of the jade leaves.

I am asking $30 each or $50 both coming for the largest jade plant in the world and I will throw in 2 different types of jade plants, one is the crawling jade and the other one is the big fat long leaves jade.(I’ll cut one part each, see the pictures.)

I sell them on ebay too and have so many happy satisfied buyers,  check my feedbacks on Ebay,  eBayid: chrisgoh1

Interested, please email to me…chrisgoh11@yahoo.com

*** If you like to sell your jade plant, please send me a couple of pictures, the stats of the plants and $20 for posting. Contact: the jade master. Have many sales on jade plants from buyers/sellers *****

Jade plant for Sale.
This one is for sale-the biggest indoor jade plant in the world, contact info@homecaredomains.com for more info. Please serious buyers.

*****Sold Already***************
The jade tree is about 10+ years old, 4 feet by 5 feet wide,5 feet high, leaves 1-3″ in size and flowers for many months. The base diameter is about 10 inches, It is in perfect condition.


16 thoughts on “Jade Plants for Sale

  1. Troy S. Sullivan

    I am speechless on the image of that jade. I am getting thru things that did not allow me to do the things i love such as caring for plants. Jade plants are my favorite of all. If you can share tips please feel free

    1. chrisgoh1 Post author

      Just read my blog and you will have all the information.
      Most importantly, lots of TLC/love, patience, good karma and…..believe in yourself.

  2. Danielle

    How or where do I get my Jade appraised?
    Mine is nearly 5′ x 4′.

    I’ve moved into a home that is low on sunlight. I need to have it appraised, so I know roughly what to ask for it.


  3. Elizabeth

    Where do you live? I have a number of large jade plants for sale but, with the posting charge, I’d prefer to deliver to you these plants in person.

  4. raymond DuBois

    Hello!! I do have a jade tree plant that is 11 years old, if interested I will send you more info!! It is a very large plant! I live in Wisconsin!

  5. Sarah

    I am very interested in purchasing a large jade plant. Please contact me if you have one for sale. I live in Connecticut.

  6. Howard Dilts

    Looking for large jade plant. My grandmothers was not taken care of at time of passing and it passed away too. Im looking to replace it for granddad. I know last post was 2016. If have something to sale please email. Th

  7. Rick L Burnett

    We live in TN. We have 2 larger jade plants, 30×28 and 24×24, that were broken limbs on our larger jade plant, 46×36,They have been growing in their own pots for 10-15 years since a wind broke them off. They have a 2″ and a 2 1/2 ” trunk at the ground. My wife would be open to offers.


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