Jade Pictures

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chrisgoh2's JadePlant0801 album on Photobucket

Jade plants.
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More pictures of jade plants –click here

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Photos of the winter storm on Dec 15, 2008



4 thoughts on “Jade Pictures

  1. Shannon

    I have a problem w/scale gnats onto Jade
    Tree ( plant) and used dawn and water
    Sprayed the dirt anything else I can do?
    Also I have a jade but it grows hanging
    Over the sides if the pot , is this normal
    Or is the plant sick?

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Shannon, you need to change the soil and clean the pot. Most likely the eggs are already in the soil.
      Jade hanging over the sides, what kind of jade is that?
      You are welcome to send me pictures so I can take a look.


  2. Sheila

    I recently repotted my jade tree but my leaves are falling off and branches are withering what do I do to save it I have had it for about four years I had knats flying around all my plants

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, you need to get rid of the knats and most probably the eggs are already in the soil.
      Remove as much soil as possible and trim the roots, give the plant a bath.
      Cut those infected branches and remove the dead leaves.
      Re- pot with clean new pot and clean soil.
      I bet you must have brought some plants from the outside and put them close to the jade plant.
      I never bring in new plants in my house! It is like putting in new fish in the fish tank with other fishes.
      Good luck.


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