Wear the MASK!!

Top 10 Reasons to wear a mask:

Wear the MASK!!

Masks wearing are required at any indoor places.

Any males (7yrs old and above) are required to wear masks because

1- so I don’t have to see your nose hair
2- so I don’t have to see your boogers in your nose aka -your nose shit
3-so I don’t have to see your teeth- don’t care whether you have nice teeth or not
4-so I don’t have to smell your bad breath-halitosis
5-so I don’t have to see your damn hair on your cheeks or face…

6-I don’t get your vomit

7-I don’t have to smell and hear your burps 

8 – you don’t have to show your fake smiles

9 -You don’t show your poker face

10- and best of all, I look cool wearing my Spiderman mask

that why I love wearing mask–more personal privacy!!

For females– no need to wear mask because they are very responsible and clean!!

And get Vaccinated!!!